Winehouse (2013)
One of my favorite artists, the late Amy Winehouse. HQ: B&W version: Close-up:

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Day Four - Favorite Place In my case, I have 3 favorites: Atlanta, Detroit, and Chicago. Atlanta because it’s my home. Detroit because I spent many Summers there growing up. I call it my second home. My mom was also born here. Chicago because of family and the beauty of that city. These are the places I always get excited about. And here they are, drawn together, with the Peach, Joe Louis fist, and the Bean. This is a rough drawing that I definitely plan to color later on. HQ: Check out Ashley’s drawing for today’s challenge:
Day Three - Favorite Food So I love all kinds of food, but if you know me well, you know I LOVE Macaroni N’ Cheese. (Homemade, Not Kraft). Actually, I love pretty much anything with cheese. HQ:
Day Two - Favorite Animal [Added some color this time.]I love many animals, so it was hard to pick a favorite.I chose two, Dogs and Giraffes.The particular dog I chose to draw is one of my favorite dogs, a Corgi.

So I’m doing the 30 Day Drawing Challenge with my best friend, Ashley. Today, I had to draw myself. So, I decided to draw when I was a youngin.
Pokemon, Squared (2013)
The Rugrats, Squared. (2013)
Sweet Brown (2013)If you don’t know who Sweet Brown is:
The Flintstones, Squared (2013)
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