Vector Drawing I did of Frank Ocean
Experiemented and tried something new.My first attempt at vector drawing.
I think Ashley would be familiar with this one. Lol. ♥ /// Original Picture:
Drew this on the plane a couple of days ago. I think I’m addicted to  drawing Smurfs. /// Useless fact: Smurfette is the nickname I gave my  car. ♥

Me as Violet Incredible. Why? One  of my nicknames is Violet. So, I always wanted to dress up like her for  Halloween. Never could find the perfect replica for her outfit. So,  dressing up like her will probably never happen. So, I did the next best  thing…♥
My drawing of Mordecai and Rigby from Regular Show.I call it “Regular Swag”. Haha.
Drawing I just did of Nicki Minaj.From an issue of Complex Mag.
Logo I made last night for Cash Da General.
Drawing I did last night of @HeartFullOfSole.
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